Future Board MicroPython Programming - 00 Quick Start

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Future Board also runs on MicroPython, KittenBot recommends KittenCode for programming your FutureBoard with Micropython.


Software Preparation

Software Download

We recommend you use the text-based Python programming software KittenCode developed by Kittenbot for Future board programming (currently only available for Windows users).


Software Introduction


  1. When the software is installed and opened for the first time, the software resources will be automatically decompressed to the target drive letter (it may take some time, please be patient)
  2. After successfully opening the software, please enter the main interface, the following figure is the interface function instruction


Project management: start a new project, export or import projects, project renaming


Mode switching: default Python3 mode (software programming only); switch to hardware mode (support MicroPython main control board programming)


Function buttons: library management, tutorials, examples and other functions (we will optimize it continuously)


File management: Display the files contained in the project, it can be understood as a workspace. Able to perform various additions and deletions of project files


Code editing area: the files in the file management section can be edited in this area (currently only supports formats .py .md .txt .json)


Terminal: After running the code, the result will be returned to the terminal; it can also be used as a REPL

Hardware Mode

The next step is to program the Future board, so here let's switch the mode to hardware mode and select the Future board.


Connect to the hardware

After connecting the USB-C to the Future board, turn on the power switch of the Future board.

Connect the serial ports

  1. Click the connect button on the upper right corner

Cannnot connect the serial ports? 💡 FAQ


  1. After successfully connected, the bottom terminal will print a message, as shown in the figure below


  1. Try to enter a line of instructions to interact with the Future board. Not surprisingly, the Future board buzzer will make a sound

buzzer.tone(200, 0.5)


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at Discord, we will always be there to help.


KittenBot Team


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