Kittenbot Maker Challenge | Share your project and win our prize!

Kittenbot Maker Challenge | Share your project and win our prize!


Share your project with us and win our prize! 👏


"Kittenbot Maker Challenge" is a monthly activity held by Kittenbot. Every month, we collect your projects and promote them on our social media like Twitter and Facebook; at the end of the month, people vote for their favorite project. The project that has the most votes will win the prize.


Your project can be a solution that solves a real problem, helps your life easier, or even just a fun project to entertain (like our puppet snack stand)!



Everyone who submits their project can get a $5 coupon to shop in our store~



  1. You have finished the project and have full project documentation;
  2. You have used a Kittenbot product in your project and the product is shown in your documentation.



For participation

$5 coupon to use in our shop.


For winner

You can choose from 3 different options:

1. Coupon

You will get a $50 coupon to use in our shop.

2. Giveaway

You will get a random product worth no more than 50$ when you place an order in our online shop.

3. Product Free Trial

You will have a chance to try our new product for free before we launch it. You need to pay the shipping fee.


All the prizes will be issued via email after the voting result is announced.


  How to submit my project?

Fill out our form here.


  Important timing for April Kittenbot Maker Project


Submit your project


Vote for your favorite project


Voting result



If you have any question, please feel free to email us ( or contact us via Twitter or Facebook.


Kittenbot Team

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