Meet Duckybot -- Crafting, Coding, and Quacking with Robotics!

Meet Duckybot -- Crafting, Coding, and Quacking with Robotics!


The worlds of crafting and coding have often been separate, appealing to different interests and age groups. However, a groundbreaking product, the DuckyBot, is set to change that by merging the joys of hands-on crafting with the wonders of coding and robotics. This engaging piece of technology is shaped like an adorable yellow duck and offers a comprehensive and progressive learning experience for young learners.

Why DuckyBot?

Here's the real question: Why should you or your educational institution consider DuckyBot? Let's quack it down for you:

  1. Progressive Learning: DuckyBot is designed to take learners from zero to hero through a step-by-step guide into the world of Jacdac Robotics.
  2. Integration with Microbit and Makecode: A seamless interface allows for a wider scope of coding education.
  3. Crafting + Coding: A unique blend that ensures an all-rounded learning experience.
  4. Classroom Ready: It's not just a learning tool; it's a classroom revolution!

Key Features

Progressive Learning

DuckyBot isn’t just a robot; it’s an entire curriculum. Each assembly step and line of code adds a new layer of understanding, demystifying the Jacdac system. This scaffolded approach ensures that learners start with the basics, like simple movements and interactions, before progressing to more complex tasks such as sensor-based activities or even IoT projects.

Microbit and Makecode Integration

The ability to integrate with Microbit and Makecode platforms ensures that students and educators are not confined to a single method of learning or teaching. This allows for a more flexible and expansive playground for coding activities.

Crafting Meets Coding

Traditionally, crafting and coding have been considered separate fields. DuckyBot blurs those lines and introduces students to "CraftTech," where creativity knows no bounds. From assembling the cardboard pieces into a robot to coding its actions, students receive a holistic STEM education.

Classroom Dynamics

DuckyBot can adapt to a classroom setting with ease. Its delightful design and engaging activities make for interactive and memorable classroom sessions. It serves as a dynamic educational tool, making robotics lessons lively and fun.

What's in the Box?

DuckyBot comes with a comprehensive set of components that include various Jacdac modules like accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensors, power and servo modules, among others. Additionally, it features crafting elements like sulfate paper, double-sided tape, and a KitB cardboard box for assembly. For connectivity and power, it includes Micro USB and Type-C USB data cables and a Meowbit lithium battery.

Educational Value

DuckyBot is more than just a toy; it’s an educational powerhouse. It serves as a playful educator that bridges the gap between theory and practice. With DuckyBot, students learn by doing, touching, and feeling. They not only grasp essential concepts of electronics, programming, and robotics but also revel in the joy of creating, crafting, and coding.


DuckyBot is not just a product; it's a revolution in STEM education. It breaks down the barriers between different fields of learning and offers a comprehensive, hands-on experience that is both fun and educational. Whether you're an educator looking to bring life to your classroom or a parent aiming to offer your child a holistic learning experience, DuckyBot is your go-to solution.

So why wait? Dive into the world of Jacdac robotics with DuckyBot and let the crafting, coding, and quacking begin!


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