ESP32 Based Future Board for IoT Projects - FAQ Help Center

ESP32 Based Future Board for IoT Projects - FAQ Help Center

Q1: Why does it report the error "isn't defined" when using online Kittenblock to run programs?

This is because the program is interrupted when running, causing internal objects to be lost. This problem can be solved by following the procedure below.

  1. Stop program running


  1. Switch to the text-based code, press Enter at the bottom console a few times, and use the Ctrl+D key combination to soft reset the Future board.


  1. At this time, the Future board will re-run the program inside the board, and then you can use the Ctrl+C key combination to interrupt the program. The program will be successfully interrupted and >>> will appear in the last line



  1. Close the code box, click the "run" icon again, the program will run normally.


To avoid similar situations, please connect the serial port after the bootsplash finished.



Q2: Why the serial port of the Future board cannot be found?

  • Please troubleshoot the data cable and try to use the original data cable.
  • Troubleshoot the USB interface of the host computer, if it is the computer in the school, please troubleshoot the USB interface in the back of the computer case.
  • The windows 7 system may lack some driver files causing the problem that the serial port cannot be recognized by the software, you can install the driver below to solve this problem.
  • If your computer system is Windows 10, please upgrade your system.



Q3: What is the SD card of the Future board for? Is it necessary?

  • The SD card is not necessary during the normal use of the Future board
  • There are three advantages of using the SD card:
    1. The internal ROM of Future board can only store 4 MB, if we need to store more images, we can use the SD card to enlarge the storage.
    2. You can store programs in the SD card, then you can run different programs by changing the SD card.
    1. When creating some project related to IoT data recording, it would be a wise choice to store the data in the SD card.



Q4: Is there any recommended SD card for the Future board?

  • We recommend you use the SanDisk SD card of 16g or under with the Future board.
  • The Future board version after June 1st, 2021 supports more kinds of SD card, so we recommend you upgrade the Future board first, then try the SD card in hand first.



Q5: If I want to reset the Future board, which is to clear all files in Flash, what should I do?

  1. When the Future board is turned on, press button B and don't let go
  2. Press the blue reset button on the back
  1. Wait for 2 seconds after releasing the reset button, then release button B, now, the Future board will start to reset
  2. Wait for about 8 seconds, you can see that the Future board begin to start up and show the bootsplash, which means that your reset is successful.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at Discord, we will always be there to help.


KittenBot Team

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