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KittenBot MicroCode Explorer Kit Programming without a computer

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Product Description

The MicroCode Explorer Kit is an interactive educational tool designed for children aged 6 and up. It combines the micro:bit v2 with the Newbit Arcade Shield, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

This kit allows children to learn programming without needing a computer. Using buttons and a screen, they can create simple programs using function icons for basic "if...then..." logic. For example, pressing button A could trigger the micro:bit to play a melody, with the melody's notes chosen by the child in the interface.

This icon-based programming method enables children to immediately see the results of their logical sequences. It emphasizes clear inputs and outputs, making coding accessible and fostering creativity in line with children's cognitive development and learning patterns.

Additionally, the kit can expanding programming possibilities to Jacdac modules. It offers 7 types of Jacdac modules, suitable for beginners. Advanced users can program the Tabbybot Robotics Kit for projects like ultrasonic and line-following robots.

All this hardware works not only with MicroCode but also with:
MakeCode for micro:bit
MakeCode Arcade

The investment in this kit allows users to work with a wide range of programming environments, catering to different ages and interests.

Specification Detail

Dimensions 185 x 125 x 52mm
Supply Voltage USB(5V), Lithium battery pack(3.7~4.2V)
Charging microUSB
Compatible Controller micro:bit V2
Programming Platform MicroCode


  • 1x micro:bit v2
  • 1x Newbit Arcade Shield (400mAh Batteryincluded)
  • 1x microUSB Cable
  • 1x Jacdac Slider
  • 1x Jacdac Rotary Button
  • 1x Jacdac RGB Ring
  • 2x Jacdac Keycap Button
  • 1x Jacdac Magnet Sensor
  • 1x Jacdac Light Sensor
  • 1x Jacdac Hub
  • 5x Jacdac Cables (2x 10cm, 2x 35cm ,1x 100cm)

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KittenBot MicroCode Explorer Kit Programming without a computer

$99.99 USD