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KittenBot WiFi Module (of PowerBrick) based on ESP8266 for microbit

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Product description

WIFI is an important module that is necessary for IoT projects. This ESP8266-based WIFI module has a dedicated configuration page, supports visual programming language and platform, and is equipped with corresponding tutorials, which helps beginners get started quickly. In terms of structure, it has a Lego-compatible plastic shell (PC+ABS environmentally friendly material), which can be easily and effectively integrated into different kinds of structures.


  • Support firmware upgrade with or without the cable

  • With standard LEGO structure and environmentally friendly plastic shell that looks good and can prevent damages of short circuit

  • With an easy-to-use WIFI configuration page (the address is the IP of the WIFI module); you can set the baud rate, name, find and connect to a router and so on.


  • IoT smart home projects and remote control projects

  • Remote control with the mini-program on mobile phone


Size 56 x 24 x 19 mm (compatible with LEGO bricks)
Support Voltage 3.3v / 5v
Working Current 62mA
Port PH2.0 4PIN


  • 802.11b/g/n

  • WiFi@2.4GHz, support WPA/WPA2 mode

Standby Power consumption less than 1.0mv
Working Temperature Range -40℃-125℃
Configuration Page have a configuration page
Visual Programming Platform Kittenblock, MakeCode



 Working States Explanation

  1. Power on for the first time
When not connected, the red light will be on all the time. But there will be the situation that it is green even if you haven't used it. Don't worry, It is because WIFI modules are tested before leaving the factory, and it records the last state, that's why it is green.
  1. Connect to the router
When connecting to the router,the blue light will be on. (Now the green or red light may not be off, it is still normal)
When successfully connected to the router, all lights will be off.
  1. Connect to the IoT server
When successfully connected, the green light will be on all the time
  1. The moment when the module receive or send messages
The blue light will be flashing


Use with Micro:bit

With MakeCode

Extension address: github:Kittenbot/pxt-kittenwifi

IoT basic application

We provide you with a simple IoT server that is easy to test
You can use it for simple IoT projects


Program Micro:bit as the example below, and refer to the Detail section above for wiring

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KittenBot WiFi Module (of PowerBrick) based on ESP8266 for microbit

$15.99 USD
$12.99 USD