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KittenBot Grey Geekservo 9g Servo for micro:bit/ Arduino

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This is a small servo compatible with Lego Technic parts, the output axle is compatible with Lego technic axles. It is suitable for models requiring precise movements such as joints, doors or cranes.


  • Operation Voltage: 3.3V~6V

  • Rated Voltage: 4.8V

  • Rated Current: 200ma

  • Blocked Rotor Current: 700ma

  • Slipping Current: 450ma

  • Maximum Torque: 500g/cm(4.8V)

  • Rotational Speed: 60°/0.12s

  • Rotational Range: -45°~225°

  • Weight: 12.4g


  • This is a small servo only, do not use it for models that require high torque.

  • Servos should not be connected in the wrong way, please pay attention when connecting a servo.

  • Do not block the rotor for prolonged periods of time or it may damage the motor.


In LEGO units:

  • Length: 5

  • Width: 2

  • Height: 3

  • Output Axle: Technic Axle

In mm units:

  • Length: 40mm

  • Width: 16mm

  • Height: 34.4mm

  • Output Axel: Technic Axle


Geekservo Features

  • Clutch Protection:

    • In case of violent turning of the output axle, the clutch is enabled to protect the gears from damage.

  • Flexible Installation:

    • Can be mounted on standard Lego bricks or with Technic elements, providing a lot of possibilities for installation.

  • Small and lightweight:

    • Suitable for small robotic projects.



Connect the servo to the servo ports of the Robotbit (from S1 to S8).



Orange to Yellow, Red to Red, Black to Black.
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KittenBot Grey Geekservo 9g Servo for micro:bit/ Arduino

$6.99 USD
$5.99 USD