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KittenBot Mini-size OmniBot The Ultimate Nanobit-Driven Multi-Functional Robot Kit for Makecode

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Nanobit-Powered Omni-Directional Car Kit


Product Overview: Discover OmniBot, a revolutionary blend of innovation and play. Driven by the Nanobit—a sleeker, more compact sibling of the iconic Micro:bit—this two-in-one car kit redefines vehicular projects. Perfectly tailored for those with a coding background, especially those acquainted with the Micro:bit, OmniBot delivers a mesmerizing experience teeming with limitless possibilities.

Key Features:

  1. Omni-Directional Movement: Navigate with unparalleled agility. Be it sideways, diagonally, or any direction imaginable, OmniBot's movement is fluid, intuitive, and seemingly magical.
  2. Nanobit at its Core: Embrace the power and versatility of the Nanobit. A refined variant of the Micro:bit, it offers a user-centric, graphical programming interface, ensuring an even smoother learning curve.
  3. LEGO Integration: Let your imagination run wild. With its LEGO compatibility, endless avenues of customization and expansion await.
  4. Onboard 14250 Lithium Battery: Say goodbye to constant battery hunts. OmniBot boasts an integrated 14250 lithium battery, ensuring longer playtimes and consistent performance.

Engaging Opportunities:

  • Diverse Gaming Experiences: Dive into a world of challenges, from remote-controlled escapades, line-tracking missions, intricate object transport tasks to thrilling obstacle dodging races and exhilarating target knockdown bouts.
  • Blend of Fun and Learning: While OmniBot promises unparalleled entertainment, it's also a treasure trove of educational experiences, masterfully intertwining fun with foundational learning.

Target Audience: An absolute must-have for tech aficionados with a solid grasp of programming, seasoned Micro:bit users seeking an exhilarating upgrade, and all passionate explorers of cutting-edge tech playthings.

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KittenBot Mini-size OmniBot The Ultimate Nanobit-Driven Multi-Functional Robot Kit for Makecode

$79.99 USD