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KittenBot Powerbrick TV for Micro:bit support Makecode

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Kittenbot Powerbrick TV is a kit that shows pixel patterns and plays MP3 audios. This kit consists of 4 RGB LED matrixes and some LEGO bricks, which is convenient for you to explore more project possibilities.



  • Children can program this kit with the graphical-based language MakeCode (offline makecode version 3.4);
  • The images and audios can be customized;
  • Additional servos and LEGO bricks can be added to make a functional robot;
  • It comes with an MP3 module and a distance sensor;
  • It supports scrolling display of text and pixel patterns;
  • The matrixes are covered by grey and transparent cases to protect your eyes.


Suitable scenarios

  • To hold a programming workshop
  • To show the programming learning result at home, store, and school






Power Supply

2200mAh 3.7V Lithium Battery (Rechargeable)

Maximum Working Current


Kit List

Micro:bit (Optional)

Micro:bit Expansion Box

Battery Box (Power Supply)

Ultrasonic sensor

MP3 Module

RGB Module (LED Matrix) *4

2200mAh 18650 Lithium Battery

LEGO Brick Pack

Micro USB Cable

Module Connector

Programming Platform

MakeCode Offline V3.4 (.exe file available)

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KittenBot Powerbrick TV for Micro:bit support Makecode