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KittenBot KOI 2 Artificial Intelligence Module K210

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Product description

KOI2 is an AI camera module based on the K210 chip from KittenBot Technology, which aims to combine advanced AI technology and high-performance embedded systems to provide strong support for visual recognition and intelligent AI applications. It comes with hardware such as a screen, camera, speaker, microphone, and buttons, which can fully unleash the capabilities of AI applications. It has a front and rear flip camera, a plastic case with Lego structural holes, providing a richer and more convenient building form, meeting the classroom and project needs of educational scenarios.

We provide friendly Kittenblock and MakeCode extension, which combine KOI2 with the main control board to use graphical programming to explore the new world of AI.


  • Complete AI functionality to meet the needs of AI projects
  • Flippable camera for greater flexibility
  • Seamless integration of graphical and code programming, suitable for both beginners and makers
  • Ability to independently train machine models





Basic function

  • Screen direction control
  • Screen character display
  • On-board AB buttons
  • Recording and playback
  • Screenshot





Color tracking

Track color blocks of specific colors. Built-in several colors, and custom learning colors are also available

Color blob object tracking

Line tracking

Track lines of specific colors. Built-in several colors, and custom learning colors are also available

Visual line following

Face detection

Attribute, gender, smile, glasses, open mouth, number of people, Detect whether a mask is worn

Face tracking robot


Machine learning feature classification, unlimited number of classifications

  • Rock-paper-scissors robot
  • Garbage classification device

Code Scan

  • QR code
  • Barcode

Book lending system

Card image recognition

  • Letter A~F
  • Number 0~9
  • Traffic sign
  • Plane, ship, bicycle, bus, car, motorcycle, train

Only applicable to the supporting letter cards provided by KittenBot

Object recognition

Plane, ship, bicycle, bus, car, motorcycle, train, Bird, horse, cow, sheep, human, cat, dog, Bottle, chair, table, potted plant, sofa, TV


Self-training model

Self-training can recognize any object, and is different from feature classification and can recognize the position and size of objects. It requires self-photographing, calibration, and training, which is suitable for advanced players.







Overall dimension


Main control supported

micro:bit, Meowbit, Arduino series and any microcontroller with serial port function


1.3 "IPS screen (240x240)


RGB (640x480 )

Audio input / output

48K single channel sample rate output

8K sample rate microphone input

Wireless communication

WiFi (Based on Esp8285)

Data output mode



 2 (programmable)

SD card

TF Card

Memory Card support


Power supply voltage



Programming environment

KOI2 is a serial communication module that, in theory, can be utilized on any platform. Below are the programming platforms for which we have already provided sample cases.:

MakeCode extension: github:Kittenbot/pxt-koi2


  • 1x KOI 2 AI Module
  • 1x Type-C Cable
  • 1x PH2.0 4PIN to DuPont Cable (Default)

If you need a PH2.0 4PIN Cable, please leave a message.

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KittenBot KOI 2 Artificial Intelligence Module K210