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KittenBot Grapebit ESP32 C3 BLE & WIFI 20-Pack (Classroom Kit)

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Product description

Grapeboard is a programming main control board mainly for the second to third grade information technology learning and institutional teaching. Its core is the ESP32, which has the characteristics of high performance, wireless communication, and graphical programming. Effectively improve information technology thinking, expand manual skills, and enhance innovative and creative capabilities. Grape:bit is easy to use, compared with other main controllor of the same type, it is more suitable for children to get started with programming.


Programming application level

  • Support bluetooth connection programming, more suitable for tablet-based teaching scenarios

Course knowledge level

  • The knowledge points are evenly distributed, and the course form is designed according to the step-by-step spiral model to solve the dilemma of children's difficulty in getting started and low interest

Functional attribute level

  • Contains practical functions such as sound, color light, somatosensory, touch, sports, wireless, etc., with strong interdisciplinary attributes and boundless creation

Subsidiary value level

  • Supports board-to-board LAN communication, suitable for creating interactive works of art and expanding IoT applications
  • Reserve a new single-bus protocol sensor interface, and follow-up support to expand more ideas


Parameter Details


49 x 49 x 9.8 mm

Net Weight



EPS32-C3 (RISC-V 32-bit single-core processor, 2.4~2.5 GHz WIFI & Bluetooth 5 (LE) Bluetooth, 400 KB SRAM, 4MFlash, 160MHz main frequency)

Supply voltage 

5V (Type-C USB), 3.7~4.2V (rechargeable lithium battery pack)


  • Programmable Button*2
  • Touch Edge connector*2
  • Accelerometer
  • 2.4g WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Passive Buzzer
  • ws2812 RGB *4
  • Motor Port *2(one-way movement)
  • jacdac


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KittenBot Grapebit ESP32 C3 BLE & WIFI 20-Pack (Classroom Kit)

$229.99 USD
$199.99 USD