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KittenBot JoyFrog Mainboard for Scratch Programming and Expansion Board for Micro:bit

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Joyfrog is a piece of programmable hardware that looks like a cute frog. It can not only be used as a mainboard with Scratch, but can also be used as an expansion board for Micro:bit to control your project remotely. JoyFrog is designed to be dedicated to young kids. The cute look attracts children's attention, and every part of JoyFrog is easy to use and program, so that children can have fun and learn knowledge of programming at the same time. When JoyFrog is used as a mainboard with Scratch, you only need to connect it to the computer with a USB cable, then you can control the sprite on the stage of Scratch easily, and even makes awesome projects like the fruit piano using the music extension and sheet metal.


  • Used as a mianboard for test and control of Kittenblock (online)

    • When connected to the computer, it would be recognized as the keyboard device, with no need to install the driver manually

    • The 3-PIN port supports connecting to commonly used sensors, so that you can learn the hardware-software programming easily

    • Interact with the stage of Kittenblock with Joystick and buttons on JoyFrog

    • Make numerous instrument projects with the onboard edge connectors and the music extension on Kittenblock, such as the fruit piano project

  • Used as an expansion board for Micro:bit to control remotely (offline)

    • Control robot cars or robots through the 2.4g radio of Micro:bit with MakeCode

  • Used as an infrared remote controller

    • You can use the function of IR emitting and receiving on Kittenblock and MakeCode. JoyFrog will become an IR remote controller. (Not support IR code over 64 bytes)

Suitable for

  • visual programming language (program with Kittenblock) young children beginner

  • STEM/programming educational institutions

  • Micro:bit users who want to make remote control projects


Size 128 x 80 x 35 mm
Net Weight 120g
Main Control Chip GD32F350C8T6  flash64kb  SRAM8kb  Clock Rate 108MHZ 
Working Voltage 3.3V
Power Supply Voltage 5V (USB), 3V (triple-A battery *2)
Onboard Resources 2-axis joystick (with button), 4 buttons, IR emitter and receiver (decode standard NEC IR code automatically), 8 edge connector (optional with alligator clip), buzzer, DIP switch (switch between the buzzer and the audio jack - P0)
Program Platform MakeCode, Kittenblock



Micro:bit Expansion Board

1. Remote Controller for the Robot Car

Play as a remote controller combining with Micro:bit is the main function of JoyFrog. Two Micro:bit communicates with each other with 2.4g frequency. With the JoyFrog, it's more comfortable to grip and control the car.


2. IR Remote Controller

Support IR code decoding and emitting within 64 bytes

MakeCode Extension Address


(MakeCode program address:


Kittenblock (Scratch 3.0) Mainboard


✨ Kittenblock is a visual programming platform based on Scratch 3.0. It not only supports more kinds of hardware, but also includes various powerful and easy-to-use extensions like AI and IoT for free.



1. Edge Connecter

There are 8 IO ports edge connectors at the bottom of JoyFrog, which can be programmed with the music extension that can only be found in Scratch to make interesting projects related to touching like the fruit piano.


2. Scratch Game Console

When connected to the computer, there is no need for an extra driver. It will be recognized as an HDMI keyboard device. The buttons on JoyFrog corresponds to different button letters, and the joystick corresponds to up, down, left, and right. Making and playing games with Scratch and JoyFrog will be the first step of learning hardware-software programming.


3. Sensors that are Easy to Plug and Unplug

There are two PH2.0 3-PIN IO ports, a 4-PIN IN port, and an I2C port on both sides of JoyFrog, which is convenient to introduce the concept of sensor to young children for advanced learning.


4. IR Remote Controller

Support IR code decoding and emitting within 64 bytes


Joyfrog documents can be found here.

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KittenBot JoyFrog Mainboard for Scratch Programming and Expansion Board for Micro:bit