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KittenBot IoT Educational Kit for FutureBoard (32 Lessons included)

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The Future board is a programming main control board with a full-color screen based on esp32, and the IoT educational kit which extends its functions is a set of equipment developed for supporting the IoT courses. With the belief to create fun, practical, and informative products for children, 32 lessons are designed in different levels around two topics: smart life and smart traffic, and more than 10 projects can be built with this kit, including smart city traffic sandbox. This kit contains our wish for children to understand the characteristics of current technology and fall in love with exploration and creation.



  • Help children learn to program from the beginning, arouse their interest in programming by showing colorful images or texts on the screen, and familiarize them with 16 Future board lessons covering knowledge of the principle and the process of programming.

  • The other 16 advanced lessons will teach children to make projects like handheld rangefinder, cooking reminder, weather assistant, shop guiding robot, security safe, smart parking lot, smart streetlight, and driverless car to solve real-life problems based on their observation of daily life.

  • Children can feel the charm of the internet and programming by designing and building the mechanical structure and programming step by step to build from the very first tiny function to the whole project.




Future Board(ESP32)

Serial Port Chip


Power Supply

MicroUSB(5V)/ Expansion Board 18650 Lithium Battery Supply

Working Parameter

5V 1A (max)


205 x 182 x 75 mm


600 g

Packing List

Future Board *1

Robotbit Edu Expansion Board *1

Robotbit Base *1

18650 Lithium Battery*1

Sugar LED *3

Sugar Button *1

Sugar Light Sensor *1

Sugar Potentiometer *1

Sugar Line Follower *1

Sugar Hall Effect Sensor *1

Sugar Temperature-humidity Sensor *1

Sugar PIR Motion Sensor *1

Sugar Joystick *1

Sugar Laser Rangefinder *1

2KG Grey Servo *1

2KG Red Motor *1

Structural Block * 1 pack

Structural Cardboard * 3 pieces

3-pin cable *6

4-pin cable *2

Data Cable *2

Programming Platform

Kittenblock(based on Scratch3.0)

Arduino IDE



Weather Assistant

It measures the indoor temperature and humidity, and can also obtain the weather of the day and the weather forecast for the next few days through the Internet, and display them on the screen.

 Laser Rangefinder

By pressing the button, you can detect the obstacle in front of you (the giant dragon) with this project and show it on the screen.


Welcoming Robot

When detecting someone approaching, the robot would wave its arm to welcome, the welcoming words would be shown on the screen too, meanwhile, the buzzer plays a happy melody.


Kitchen Timer

It's an alarm clock that counts down. You can set the time by rotating the knob. When it starts to count down, the pointer would go back to 0, when the countdown is over, the red LED would be on and the buzzer would sound to alarm. You can also connect to the home network to set the message notification according to your needs.

Mini Safe

It simulates a storage box with a secure password to prevent theft. You can adjust and confirm the password on the screen by rotating the knob. Be careful that if the password is wrong many times, the alarm will go off~


Smart Street Light

Smart street light is an important part in the smart city. When it gets dark, the street light will be. The light can be connected to the control network to be controlled manually.


Smart Traffic Light

The traffic light would adjust the duration of different lights according to the rush hour, which effectively reduces traffic congestion.


Smart Parking Lot

It's the simplified version of the smart parking lot in real life. Except for the complicated license plate recognition, this system includes functions like lifting the boom barrier when a car is detected, and intelligent statistical display of the remaining number of parking spaces in the parking lot.


Remote Control Car

The car is driven by a single motor, and controlled by the servo to change direction. You can connect it to the joystick module to control it manually, or, you can connect it to the internet to control it wirelessly.

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KittenBot IoT Educational Kit for FutureBoard (32 Lessons included)

$99.90 USD