JoyFrog Micro:bit Controller - 01 Introduction

JoyFrog Micro:bit Controller - 01 Introduction

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JoyFrog is a Micro:bit expansion board and a mainboard by Kittenbot, it is designed to add input devices including an analog joystick and 4 buttons, making it ideal in acting as a remote control for robots.

It can also be programmed using Kittenblock to act as a micro controller.\

Special Features

  • Controller Mode: Can be used as a game controller in KittenBlock or Scratch.

  • Expansion Board Mode: Can be used as an expansion board for Micro:bit, provide game-like controls for Micro:bit.

  • 3 pin and 4 pin PH2.0 connectors allows JoyFrogs to use Kittenbot modules.

  • Game Controller: Can be used as a normal game controller in computer games.


  • Dimensions: 128mm x 80mm x 35mm

  • Main Chip: GD32F350C8T6

  • Clock Speed: 108MHz

  • Flash Memory: 64K

  • RAM: 8K

  • Voltage: 3.3V

  • Power Input: Micro USB(5v)/3v(AAA x2, JST Connector)

On-board devices

  • 2 Axis Analog Joystick with button

  • 4 Buttons

  • InfraRed Trasmitter and Receiver (Able to decode NEC codes)

  • Edge Connector with 8 IO Pins

  • Buzzer

  • Buzzer Toggle Switch (Switch between buzzer or headphones)

IO Ports

  • Microbit 40PIN Slot x1

  • GVAB 4PIN PH2.0 Connectors x2

  • GVS 3PIN PH2.0 Connectors x2

  • 3.5 Audio Jack x1

  • NRF24L01 8PIN 2.4G Wirelessx1

Software Support

Breakdown Diagram



  1. InfraRed Receiver

  2. 3.5mm Audio Jack

  3. Buzzer Toggle Switch

  4. Reset Button

  5. DFU Mode Button

  6. 4Pin connector

  7. Joystick

  8. IO Pins Contacts (1~8, GND)

  9. Microbit 40PIN Slot

  10. Main Chip

  11. Buzzer

  12. 4 Buttons

  13. 4Pin I2C connector

  14. MicroUSB Port

  15. InfraRed Transmitter

  16. 3Pin connector

  17. 3Pin connector

Installing a Battery Box

By installing a Micro:bit Battery Box, there is no need to connect a USB power at all times~






JoyFrog 2 Player Mode

Considering students may create multiplayer games with KittenBlock or Scratch, JoyFrog has a 2 player mode which allows users to use 2 JoyFrogs with the same computer.

Press and hold X and connect JoyFrog to a computer, there will be 2 long beeps, this means the JoyFrog is in player 2 mode.


Key mappings for player 2 mode:




If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at Discord, we will always be there to help.


KittenBot Team


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