Meowbit Introduction

Meowbit Introduction

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Most teenagers nowadays like playing video games, in order to make them more interested in coding, Kittenbot has developed Meowbit, a handheld game console designed for MakeCode Arcade. Students can use MakeCode Arcade to create their own games and then play them on the Meowbit, allowing everyone to experience game design, truly realizing the concept of STEAM education.

In addition, Meowbit can also act as a control board for robots as it has the same edge connectors as the Micro:bit, making it compatible with Kittenbot’s expansion boards. Thus, the flexibility and possibilities with Meowbit can be further increased with expansion boards!

Target Audiences

  • Schools and Institutes

  • Users interested in Game Design


Special Features

  • Supports Graphical Programming, suitable for beginners.

  • Combing Coding with Art, realizing concept of STEAM.

  • High flexibility, can be used as a game console or as a robot controller.

  • Multiple sensors have been built-in, allowing for more possibilities in coding.

  • Supports multiple coding platform, including MakeCode Arcade and Kittenblock.

  • Nostalgic and adorable graphics.

  • Highly portable, allows you to play you games anywhere.

  • Supports Chinese Unicode, allowing you to display Chinese characters.



  • Dimensions: 52x76x12mm

  • Weight: 42g

  • CPU: STM32F401RET6,32-bit ARM Cortex M4

  • Power Inpit: 5V USB, 3.7~4.2V Battery Box

  • Screen: TFT Full-Color

  • Resolution: 160x128

  • Screen Size: 1.8 inches

  • IO Pins: 20PIN(Same as Microbit)


Onboard Devices

  • Programmable Buttons x6

  • Buzzer x1

  • Programmable LEDs x2

  • Light Intensity Sensor x1

  • Temperature Sensor x1

  • Accelerometer x1

  • SD Card Slotx1

  • JacDac Connectorx1


Breakdown Diagram


1: Power Indicator

2: Light Sensor

3: Power Switch

4: Programmable LEDs x2

5: Reset Button

6: DFU/Menu Button

7: TFT Screen

8: Temperature Sensor

9: Programmable D-Pad

10: Programmable Buzzer

11: Programmable A and B Buttons

12: Edge Connectors



13:USB Port

14:SD Card Slot

15:JacDac Connector

16: 6-Axis Accelerometer

17:3.7V Battery JST Connector

18: Main Chip

19: Unicode Chipset

20: Name Plate


Supported Programming Platforms

  • Microsoft MakeCode Arcade

  • Kittenblock


Detailed Pinouts




Meowbit Introduction

Meowbit Usage Sharing





Learn More

Learn more about the usage of meowbit on product documentation



If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at Discord, we will always be there to help.


KittenBot Team


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