ESP32 IoT Future Board Kittenblock Programming Tutorial 08 - Speech Recognition

The Future board features a MEMS microphone, which can detect the sound intensity, and can also perform speech recognition in conjunction with the internet.

The default data pin is connected to the P10 of the Future board, and the I2S method is adopted. Use the microphone will make the P10 pin unable to read and write


 Programming Blocks



audio strength

Return the sound intensity read by the built-in microphone

Range: 0 to 4095


Transfer to texts by speech recognition (internet connection required)

Time from 1s to 5s can be chosen, 3s is recommended



📋: Get the sound intensity

program 1


📋: Speech Recognition

It needs to be connected to the WIFI first due to the internet interface that the speech recognition called

program 2


Then start the speech recognition to control the onboard RGB LED program

program 3


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