ESP32 IoT Future Board Kittenblock Programming Tutorial 06 - LED Control

There are 3 full-color RGB ws2812 on the top of the Future board, which are connected to the P7 pin of the Future board


Programming Blocks



1 NeoPixel Init Port p7 num

You must initialize before using LEDs

The default P7 pin is bound to the LEDs of the Future board, the number of LEDs is 3

You can connect RGB LEDs to other pins and fill in the corresponding number of LEDs to use

2 NeoPixel Color pixel 1

Set the color of LEDs separately (need to be refreshed to display)

3 NeoPixel Color Pixel 1 R G B

Customized color-filling of a single LED (need to be refreshed to display)

4 NeoPixel Color All pixel

Set the color of all LEDs

5 NeoPixel Color All Pixel R G B

Customized color-filling of all LEDs

6 NeoPixel Shut Pixel 1

Turn off a single LED (need to be refreshed to display)

7 NeoPixel Shut All

Turn off all the LEDs

8 NeoPixel Color Update

Start the LED effect (the operation of a single LED needs to refresh to display)



📋: Control all LEDs

Program 1


📋: Control a single LED

Program 2


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