ESP32 IoT Future Board Kittenblock Programming Tutorial 01 - Built-in Sensors

ESP32 IoT Future Board Kittenblock Programming Tutorial 01 - Built-in Sensors

This tutorial will help you get to know the sensors on Future board and the basic programming of these sensors with Kittenblock.



Function Overview




Measure the accleration, withe the unit g (m/s2)

Magnetometer (compass)

Detect the magnetic field strength of three axes; make a compass

Light Sensor

Detect the light intensity

Temperature Sensor

Detect the temperature approximately, return Celsius


Two programmable buttons: A and B


Detect the sound intensity; speech recognition


Programming Blocks




Detect whether the button is pressed or not

If been pressed, return true; if not, return false


Return light intensity value

Range: 0 to 4095

Return the temperature of the board

The temperature may be too high, please calibrate it yourself. When the WIFI is on, the temperature may not be that accurate. 


Return the acceleration of the board

Range: -2g to 2g

Detect attitude of the Future board. If it corresponds to the actual attitude, return true

The attitude detection of the event type. When the Future board is going to be changed from an attitude to the targeted attitude, this block will be triggered, and the script below this block will be run. 

Return the current angle value of the Future board, which can be divided into two kinds: roll and pitch. 


Calibrate the magnetic field

We recommend you calibrate before you use the compass related functions

Return the magnetic field strength of the corresponding axis

Range: ±800μT = ±8Gs±800μT = ±8Gs (Gauss)


Returns the angle of difference from the geographic north pole

Range: 0 to 360






📋:Buttons to change the screen color

If the screen color does not change, please check if the sync refresh mode is off.


Temperature and Light Intensity

📋:Show the value on the screen

To make the value be smoothly shown on the screen, we need to turn off the sync refresh mode.

But we need to add a "TFT Redraw" block to show the latest content on the screen



📋:Show the value on the screen

the acceleration of the three axes are shown below, the direction that the arrow points is positive

we recommend you run the program after uploading. The online mode is not suitable for running high-frequency data.



📋:shake to make a sound


📋:gesture detection

There are 8 gestures in total










  • Events won't be triggered all the time, only when the Future board is adjusted to another gesture from the current gesture will the event be triggered
  • The event can only be used in the upload mode. The code box needs to be opened, and then upload the finished program to the Future board.


Euler Angle

📋:Show the value on screen

There are mainly two Euler angles: roll and pitch.




📋:Show the magnetic field strength

🚩Please calibrate before using the compass

  • Please do not be too close to the computer case, large battery, or magnet when calibrating to make the value as accurate as possible
  • When using the calibration block, the screen will turn to the calibration interface, now turn the Future board randomly and evenly in 360 degrees until the progress bar is completed.
  • When the three colors on the screen form a roughly circular range, it indicates that the current magnetic field is relatively stable and the calibration is going well (you can also press button A during the calibration process to directly end the calibration)


📋:Show the compass value

  • The compass actually points to the south pole of the earth’s magnetic field, as known as the geographic north pole. The value ranges from 0 to 360 degrees, and 0 means the geographic north pole.
  • it follows the "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" rule (Up-north, down-south, left-west, right-east)


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at Discord, we will always be there to help.


KittenBot Team

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