05 Magnet Sensor Makecode Quick Start

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  1. Jacdac port
  2. Jacdac Communication Indicators
  3. Hall Effect Sensor
  4. Jacdac Standard Through-holes
  5. Product QR Code


1× MicroUSB Cable
1× MicrobitV2 (Has to be V2)
1× Jacdaptor
1× Cable
1x Magnet Sensor


PC-〉MicroUSB -〉MicrobitV2-〉Jacdaptor-〉Cable-〉Magnet Sensor


Go to the link below


Create a new project


Connect to the WebUSB


Add the Jacdac extension



Add the Magnet Sensor block


Write the program and download


Press A to start after successfully downloading the program

Press A following the micro:bit LED indications to start the program


Working Status

When there's no magnet


When a magnet gets close



Q1:Does this module support hot-swapping? Will hot-swapping damage the module?
A1: Yes it does support. Hot-swapping won't damage the module or the mainboard.

Q2:Does micro:bit V1.5 support Jacdac?
A2: No, it has to be V2 or versions over.

Q3:Why does Makecode not recognize the Jacdac module?
A3: Please download a blank program after loading the Jacdac extension.

Q4:Do I need to distinguish different ports for connecting modules?
A4: No, you don't need to. All ports can be used to insert any Jacdac modules.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at Discord, we will always be there to help.


KittenBot Team


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