KittenBlock is based on Scratch 3.0 (Google and MIT Media Lab developed together) graphic programming tool developed by KittenBot Team. It is designed for building creative open-sourced hardware projects.

Available for: RosBot Baseboard, Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano, mCookie, LiteBee.

KittenBlock Version 1.28

KittenBlock V1.28 New Features:

  • You can now update your Kittenblock within the software,

  • Fixed bugs and updated firmware to v2.0
  • All the source code is officially open sourced at Github: And we need your contributition to make it move forward.

Download KittenBlock V1.28 here:

Mac OS Windows

Based on Scratch, enable to translate blocks program into Arduino C++ code

What can KittenBlock do?

  1. Create your Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects and program the robot in drag-and-drop way.
  2. Control the Robot and module with wireless connection, upload and execute the Arduino Codes over the air.
  3. Translate the graphical codes into Arduino IDE, you can run the code offline.

More projects, let’s get started from here now.