KittenBlock is based on Scratch 3.0 (Google and MIT Media Lab developed together) graphic programming tool developed by KittenBot Team designed for building creative open-sourced hardware projects.

Available for: Arduino UNO, RosBot Baseboard

KittenBlock Version Beta 0.99


Download here:

Mac OS Windows

Based on Scratch, enable to tranlate blocks program into Arduino C++ code

What can KittenBlock can do?

  1. Snap the blocks to create your Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Robot projects
  2. Control the Arduino online and its sensors and actuators.
  3. Translate the graphical code into Arduino IDE required C++ and burn to Arduino mainboard, you can run the code offline.
  4. Create your Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects and program the robot by drag-and-drop way.

More projects, let’s explore to get started from here.