What is KittenBlock?


KittenBlock is based on Scratch 3.0 (Google and MIT Media Lab developed together) graphic programming tool developed by KittenBot Team designed for building creative open-sourced hardware projects.

KittenBlock is designed for electrnic blocks and robotics beginners, and the programming objects is the physical world!

Let’s explore the world with KittenBlock now:

Download Kittenblock Kittenblock QuickStart

What KittenBlock can do?

  1. Just snap the blocks to create your Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Robot projects.
  2. Organize your wires and learn basic electric circuit in the wiring mode.
  3. Control the Arduino online and its sensors and actuators.
  4. Translate the graphical code into Arduino IDE required C++ and burn to Arduino mainboard, you can run the code offline.
  5. Create your Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects and program the robot by drag-and-drop way.

What kind of hardware KittenBlock requires

KittenBlock is entirely open source gramphic programming tools, essentially it’s compatible almost all types of Arduino mainboards, Arduio compatible micro-controller and multiplied sensors.
Therefore, you can get started with an Arduino-compatible mainboard, for example: RosBot baseboard, Arduino Uno, Nano and Mega2560.