Kittenblock V1.26 Release Notes

Hi guys, Sorry for not hearing from us in this long, Kittenblock has went through a lot of changes since the previous update.

Here’s what’s new with Kittenblock from v1.24 to v1.26:

  • Added say block for more interaction with stage and spirit.
  • Added stepper arc block that driven stepper motor in an arc for accurate drawing.
  • Integrated new dpi (sb2) from scratch data, now Kittenblock is supporting (.sb2) file
  • Brand new Servo frame and corresponding module for the next expansion Smart Servo
  • Fixed bugs and updated firmware

Share us some thoughts for any new stuff you’d like to add in Kittenblock. Again please be kindly taste the fresh new Kittenblock : Download link here¬†and like our Facebook page.



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