MINI LFR Programming Software—— KittenBlock If you’ve successfully tried line following mode and obstacle avoidance mode, congrats, you’ve a  entry-level  beginner!  Now you‘re now ready to go next level! The function of MINI LFR is not more than that. It distinguishes from the toy car on the market. Its charisma lies in controlling the various sensors of the car through independent […]

Unboxing quick start Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance mode One-key obstacle avoidance mode MINI LFR comes with built-in ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function, please make sure you’ve plug in the KittenBot Nekomimi ultrasonic module. Guide: Plug in KittenBot Nekomimi ultrasonic module Press Button 2 enter Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance mode Steps: Get the materials ready: 1 x Mini LFR  and 1 x KittenBot […]

Thank you for choosing Mini Line Follower Robot (MINI LFR) from KittenBot team, it’s a set of friendly entry-level programming tools for kids, educators. The difference between Mini LFR and similar robot is, you don’t need to learn how to wiring, just plug-in the modular sensors you can hands-on programming by KittenBlock.     Quick […]

Getting Started with KittenBot Mini Line Follower Robot Getting Started Part Chapter 01 Introuducing of Mini Line Follower Robot Chapter 02 Unboxing of Mini Line Follower Robot Chapter 03 Install KittenBlock and Drivers Chapter 04 Turn on the Spotlight Chapter05 Turn on the button of RGBs Chapter06 Play with the Buzzer Chapter 07 Drive the […]

Dear KittenBot Users, We’re very proud to announce that you’re able to using Python to program and control the spite on the stage within Scratch 3.0 offline editor. And yes, we’re the first team in the world to make this happen. Before you try the amazing function, please make sure you’ve installed the lastest KittenBlock […]

KittenBot Basic Robot Kit User Manual Thank you for puchasing KittenBot Basic Robot Kit, here’s the online user manual for KittenBot’s customers. STEP 1 BUILD YOUR ROBOT Parts List I Parts List II Here to introduce RosBot mainboard Function I Build the obstacle avoidance robot Assemble the servo Assemble the ultrasonic sensor and servo adapter Assemble the […]